Rules and Bylaws

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League Policies

Ready Golf policies

Tournament Rules

DSGA 2018 By-Laws

Members and Guest Responsibilities:

DSGA members or guests represent our organization when participating in DSGA sponsored events and tournaments. Members and guests participating in our events are expected to abide by all golf course rules and regulations. These rules include, but are not limited to, the course’s dress code, cart requirements, etiquette during play and, respect for equipment and the course. It is expected that members and guests use good judgment to avoid offending, by either word or deed, other DSGA members, guests, other players on the course and golf course management and staff. If a DSGA member or guest is jeopardizing the group’s well being and public perception, the Board of Directors shall request that the member or guest change his/her behavior or, if non-compliant, forfeit their DSGA membership or guest privileges . DSGA members are encouraged to bring any questionable conduct to the attention of the DSGA Board.

By paying your dues, you are agreeing to read, understand, and follow the league bylaws and policies.